Jason Smith / Massage Therapist


As a massage therapist I am proud to help people find relaxation and renewal amidst the stresses of life, and relief from the pains that show up in their bodies because of that stress.

My bodywork style is therapeutic and medically driven. My knowledge and intuitive touch help powerfully unwind the unique tension in your body, while helping your mind and spirit deeply rest into the re-set you need.

I’m trained in various modalities of therapeutic massage and bodywork including Medicupping, visceral manipulation, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching, trigger point therapy, reflexology, sports therapy, and Thai massage.


Stacy Smith / Massage Therapist

Reiki/ Aromatherapy



Hello everyone. I'm a massage therapist, Usui Reiki Master and professional aromatherapist.

Massage-I provide therapeutic and Swedish (lighter pressure) to provide the increased circulation and blood oxygen levels the body needs to promote healing and well-being. I have an extensive medical background which helps me locate potential root cause problem areas that can be causing discomfort or pain. I use an integrative massage style incorporating various styles and heat to aide the body in regeneration and repair along with relaxation. 

Reiki-Improving the energy flow around the body can enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness. I enjoy working with clients and providing custom sessions based on the individuals needs. If you would like to balance your energy with a combination of Reiki and Aromatherapy contact me to schedule your session or book online. I also formulate products such as salves, tonics, and essential oil blends to help alleviate aches and pains or to simply induce relaxation and peace of mind. Our Body & Sole shop has a variety of scrubs, lotions, bath salts and much more so stop by for a visit.

Massage Prices 

$40.00 - Focused Massage - 30 Min.

$45.00 - Reflexology - 30 Min.

$70.00 - Swedish Massage - 60 Min.

$75.00 - Reflexology - 60 Min.

$80.00 - Therapeutic Massage - 60 Min.

$80.00 - Sports Massage - 60 Min.

$160.00- Couples Massage - 60 Min.

$100.00 - Swedish Massage - 90 Min

$120.00 - Therapeutic Massage - 90 Min.

$150.00 - Thai Fusion Massage - 90 Min.

$10.00 - Hot/cold Stone Add On

$10.00 - Aromatherapy Add On

Reiki session w/Stacy 60 min $85.00